July 11, 2003
Ooh! Today at work we received an ADVANCE UNCORRECTED READERS PROOF FROM SIMON & SHUSTER of "Bed Bed Bed" by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS (Makers of Music) and illustrated by MARCEL DZAMA (Master Artist). On the cover it says: Do not quote for publication until verified with finished book. So I wont! But I can say that it comes with a CD featuring 5 songs: Impossible, Happy Doesn't Have to Have An Ending, Idlewild (the name of great Scottish band too), Bed Bed Bed (which I assume is the same version on the TMBG album NO!), and no mention of the 5th song...

The art work doesn't really seem to match up with what you usually see with TMBG stuff. Its kind of like the original Through the Looking Glass illos. A little creepy actually...
It says the publication date is November 2003

4:26 PM


There's an interview with me about Broad Appeal (the anthology I edited) on the Comicon.com/Pulse website. They also posted some artwork from the book which is cool. One of the responses after the article has me scratching my head.

3:45 PM


Wow, I can't believe I mentioned Star Wars in only my second day of having a web journal. Just goes to show you what happens when you combine geeks with technology...

12:12 PM


July 10, 2003
If I had more time I'd love to read this extensive web article comparing Star Wars to pretty much everything its been compared to or was inspired by. Theres a lot of interesting side by side comparison photos worth skimming through at the very least.


6:00 PM


I've finished inking 8 pages of my latest ASTRONAUT ELEMENTARY comic!
Now there is just 1 more page to pencil and ink...and of course clean up in photoshop...and then creating the cover...and the back cover...and the credits page...and the photocopying...and stapling...and then all DONE!
So close and yet...

4:49 PM


July 09, 2003

Hey, so after years of teasing other people for having a blog/web journal I've finally given in to the inherit charm of not having to individually tell every person I know what I'm doing/not doing with my life. Ideally with this new system in place the phrase "What's up?" should lower in usage around 60 to 70% based on frequency to the site. This will allow all of us to have a more meaningful relationship in the future since you will already know EVERYTHING about me ahead of time. Therefore next time we meet can be "all about you" and I can just sit there and listen to YOUR anecdotes without interrupting.

But of course if your too busy, hate using the "inter-web", don't care what I'm doing, or don’t even remember who I was in the first place then feel free to ignore this completely!

And keep in mind that this will in no way replace my regular scheduled appearances at the local Dairy Queen. So if you're in the area please stop on by and say hello!

Oh and thanks to erin at www.glimmer.org for helping me set it up!

11:01 PM