July 31, 2003
Starting tomorrow, there will be HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK MAGAZINE tv spots...two of which will be from the upcoming NICK MAG TV special (more about that soon).

1. A Prank'd segment
2. The history of Nick Mag

two from our 5th birthday:
1. Revolting but True
2. How a Magazine is Made

The end of these will just say "Happy Birthday Nickelodeon Magazine." I'm not sure when they'll start promoting the show time, etc, but it will be soon.

Keep a look out for them!

6:32 PM


Another great review for BROAD APPEAL has been posted. This one is by Rick Bradford on Poopsheet.com

Heres a sample quote "I think this volume would make a fine introduction to comics for many people and, considering it's "suggested for readers 12 & up", might make a fine gift for younger folks, too. "

Of course I agree...everyone SHOULD buy copies as presents for friends and family. That would be a fine gift to me :)

6:21 PM


July 30, 2003
After six years of enjoying the chaos of Comic-Con this is the year that finally overwhelmed me to the point of exhaustion. It was just pure insanity. I actually lost around 5 pounds a day just from walking back and forth between my two tables. And everytime I tried to find a specific booth to meet someone or what not I ended up getting totally lost and in several cases just gave up. It's really out of control. Instead of rambling about it you can just read HEIDI MACDONALD's extsensive reports HERE

and HERE

Luckily I sort of thrive on chaos and ended up making a lot of money selling comics and paintings. Astronaut Elementary seemed to go over well and John completely sold out of all the Teen Boats we brought. We also sold all of the Jax/QF Trades we brought and had to buy more off the AIT/Planet Lar (our publisher who had a awesome booth and location in the front/middle of the convention hall) and by Sunday they only had two left themselves.

We also met lots of cool people and got to hang out with old friends many of whom started to incorporate my self proclaimed word for the week "Scrimmage" into their vernacular.

See Todd Webb's July 18th JOURNAL COMIC entry for an example:

9:13 PM