September 12, 2003
Holy shit. I can't believe John Ritter just died.
That is so messed up.

I feel like I didn't appreciate him enough now :(

12:43 PM


September 11, 2003
Headed into the city early this morning for a breakfast meeting with someone before they headed out to the airport for an afternoon flight. Originally they were supposed to fly out in the morning but when they realized it, they actually reschuled their flight so the wouldn't have to cancel our meeting! I felt so important!

Strange day to be making last minute flight changes, though I must admit being the anniversary of 9-11. It is So beautiful out here in Time Square Manhattan. Perfect weather, perfect day.

2 years ago around this time I felt trapped in NYC, hiding out at my Uncle's Chelsea apartment wondering what the hell was going on out there.
It felt like the biggest thing to happen in the world.
And yet today it feels like a strange memory and so easy to forget...

BTW if you haven't already seen it I contributed a story to Alternative Comics
9-11: Emergency Relief anthology. It's basically made up of cartoonist description of where they were that day. It's cool because all of the proceeds go to the red cross.
buy it here!

3:44 PM posted their second batch of photos including one of me, Raina, and Matt Hawkins at our cluttered little table:

See rest of Photo Gallery HERE

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September 09, 2003
John Green and the lovely Teen Boat table made it onto

5:10 PM


Everyone has been posting "this they learned at SPX" lists so here's mine.

-If you already have Laryngitis it's probably not going to get any better when you're at a con where you actually WANT to talk to everyone there.

-Hanging out with Todd Webb is not only fun, but you might also end up in his awesome comics journal!
And of course you will look really cute when you do! (I can't wait to see the latest batch posted on his site!)

-Free Drink Tickets are one the best things ever.

-Most people never look anything like you imagine them from their screen names.

-Some people can get away with charging up to ten dollars for a mini comic!

-It's funny to watch how many cartoonist are nervous about taking catered food and have to be convinced that it is actually for them and they are allowed to take some.

-The rebuilt Tastee Diner may be cleaner...but it's still as "perfectly staffed" as ever. Those waitresses are the real deal.

-Having people go into their "sales pitch" the second you get to their table before you get a chance to even browse makes me not want to buy things from them and makes me scared to go back into the room where there table is located.

-People sitting at the booth next to you who offer you a slice of Pizza on mid-Saturday are friends for life.

-Chris Staros has something positive to say about everyone and everything in comics.

-The phrase is TEAM comics...not TEEN comics! (well actually John and Marion learned that--but it's still a valuable lesson worth mentioning).

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