September 18, 2003
"That's Nucking Futs!"

Laugh at me all you want, because for some reason, I went to go see the trainwreck that is the "movie" Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.
Never before have so many giant question marks appeared over my head.

The most common reaction was "Huh?" or "What did he just say?" "Was that just real?".

Afterwards I went to the Knitting Factory and saw the bubblegum rock sensation Dressy Bessy.
It was a good show but I was a bit too tired by the time they went on (around 11:00). I guess I'm getting too old :(

5:51 PM


September 17, 2003
The Museum of Cartoon Art recently asked Raina and I to do a lecture about comics to a class of elementary school kids from the Bronx. It was a lot of fun and a really cool experience. It was while the BROAD APPEAL exhibit was up, so the kids were able to see all the original art by the women cartoonists who contributed to the book.
Keeping to the school spirit, afterwards Lawrence Klein, the chairman of the museum asked me to write an essay about the event. They just posted it on the MoCCA site:


4:11 PM


Oh, man. Chris Duffy got an advance copy of The Slippery Slope the latest chapter in the SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS by Lemony Snicket. He's halfway through and has let it be known that this is already one of the most eventful chapters and confirms many of the suspitions alluded to in the brilliantly cryptic and coded: Unauthorized Autobiography . The book goes on sale next week. I'm super buzzed, a word which here means "unable to wait until the day I get to have the book in my own graspy fingers".

3:43 PM


September 16, 2003
I forgot to mention that on Friday I got tickets to the dress rehearsal of the Conan O'Brien 10th anniversary special. It was SO awesome and there were so many great guest stars like Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Mr. T. (all of whom got standing ovations). And the band was just amazing and infectious, especially Mark Pender who was just so hyper and went insane on the trumpet. I can't wait to see him perform with They Might be Giants at Joe's Pub in 2 weeks! Overall it was just a great experience and I felt really lucky to get to see it live. Especially neat is getting to see Conan standing on the side of the stage reacting to the clip reels and mouting along every word to Jack Black's musical number.

Also what was especially funny/surreal was that I forgot all about the infamous Triumph the insult comic dog bit where he interviews the people outside the Zigfield Theater waiting in advance for Star Wars Episode 2. Of course, being the internet phenomenon it is, it was featured prominently in Triumph's clip reel (in fact it was probably the longest clip of the night) and of course it features my comic book partner in crime, John Green and his sister in law, who was pregnant at the time! So it's just crazy to be sitting in the Beacon Theater with a full crowd watching John drinking his coffee on the giant screen! And what's even more amazing is how many people actually recognize him every time it's aired! He's turning into Tee Vee's John Green (watch out Will Wheaton!).

1:25 PM