October 03, 2003
"How can anyone be 'xylophone'? " -Klaus Baudelaire to the snow scouts.

Only a few chapters left before I finish The Slippery Slope.
It's setting my world on fire! But I wanna take my time and treasure it, cuz it'll be like a year before the next chapter! I also seemed to be the only person who missed this little gem on page 107:

"Busheney," Sunny said, which meant something along the lines of, "You're an evil man with no concern whatsoever for other people."
is it a mere coincidence that the word "busheney" seems to be a combination of the words "Bush" and "Cheney"? {g}

Just one of the many subversive secrets and recipes to be found hidden within...

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October 02, 2003

2:17 PM


I've been out of work since last Tuesday. I've seen the doctor twice, got blood tests, x-rays, throat cultures, and still don't know what is clinically wrong with me. First they thought Strep Thoat and Tonsilitis, then maybe Bronchittis, and now Mono. All seem to have similar symptoms I've gotten to enjoy over the past 2 weeks.
The only real verdict. My body is weak. I went to Nick Mag today but my throat still hurts a lot. Not sure if it was the best idea but so much needs to get done! I'd better be better in time for The Frames show!

On sunday I was well enough to make it into the city for an awesome THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS show at the tiny but fancy Joe's Pub featuring the spastic trumpet stylings of Mark Pender from Conan Obrien's Max Weinberg Seven. They played some brand new songs (one of them twice in a row) and a new version of BED BED BED. Joes' Pub is nutty cuz its like a dinner theater so we at dinner right up against the stage. I got to enjoy chicken Picante as John Flansburgh stood over me. It was soooo good, funny, exciting and made me momentarily forget I was sick. Until I got home and felt like I was being tossed around in the ocean, swallowing too much water and gasping for breath. A whole new symptom I hadn't yet got to experience. Which is ironic cuz I was gargling salt water just a few nights before...

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