October 09, 2003
I feel the need to raise my hand of support by mentioning that last night's episode of Angel was awesome. Which is great cuz without Buffy on Tuesday's anymore, I needed a must see show to anchor my week. (7 years of Tuesday goodness).

I don't know if they are making the show more "viewer friendly" like they were asked to by the WB...but for long time fans of the "Buffyverse" this episode made me (and everyone I know who saw it) possitively giddy. Hats off to David Fury and Ben Edlund (of Tick fame) for writing a fun episode that sets up the possibility of (if nothing else) a funny season.
And great casting choice for the Necromancer...that guy was awesome.

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Gonna go see The Frames again at Irving Plaza tomorrow night.
That means serious "WOOO" and also "HOOO!"
Thats where I first saw them open up for IDLEWILD (another great if more straightforward rock band) back when I had no idea who they were. It was a neat environmental experience because at first the whole audience was like "who the hell are these guys" (including me) especially when they opened with the very slow "What Happens When the Heart just Stops" which almost made them seem like a spoken word type of band. People came for IDLEWILD, so they were impatient. Then they began to play "Lay Me Down" which got a positive reaction from the crowd. Seems some radio stations actually played that song (including Megan's fav station, who I saw the show with) and most people seemed to really dig it, especially with the great violin solos. But then they broke into "God Bless Mom" and it was like the whole audience just got kicked on the ass. They went from whispering to Rocking the HELL out. it was so intense and passionate and unbelievable. Now people kept turning and asking "Who the Hell are these guys" because they wanted to buy a CD really bad. The energy just kept going from there...intense rocking, poetry like lyrics, an electric fiddle that was just unbelievable. But best of all was Glen Hansard , a lead singer who just had so much damn charisma he should be character in a movie. A true Irish rougue with a swagger and playful demeanor--even durring what seemed like such serious material. It was the definition of live entertainment. He would make these great expressions and hand gestures in the middle of playing and just seemed like he was having the best time, goofing off with his mates. It reminded me of my friend Conner Tribble who can make you laugh just be looking him in the eye. And both just rock on the guitar but can't keep a straight face while doing it. And both have a great wit about them.

I've seen The Frames twice since, and every show has been nearly as amazing.
It's very different because now I have CD's and know the words. But that only makes the anticipation that much more greater...and so often rewarding. In fact sometimes its hard to listen to a CD because all you can think about is how awesome they played it that night...and how it felt to be sharing with the rest of the audience.

Great quote about their upcoming live album:
"Perversely, for a band who seem to give so much of themselves away to the audience with every performance, they end up all the greater for it. Perhaps The Frames" most valuable asset is their versatility, turning from righteous anger to pin-dropping pathos in a heartbeat (God Bless Mom, Pavement Tune, and a monumental Santa Maria.).
Even people who dont"t love The Frames have to concede that they're a fabulous live band - and so it's no small recommendation to say that 'Set List' succeeds in doing them justice.

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October 08, 2003
I had no idea people could get yeast infections in their mouths.
It would be so crazy if that turns out to be the problem.
It's so ironic because when I was telling my friend matt about how many of the throat specialists phone #'s on my insurances websites are wrong and end up being Gynacologists, he joked about me getting something like this!

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October 06, 2003

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