October 23, 2003

This morning I took my second road test.
It was even shorter than my last one.
A nice reward for practicing so hard these past few weekends.
This is why it was easier back when I DIDN"T ever want to drive.
Now that I'm actually trying it's like the car gods won't cut me a break. I really don't wanna be one of these people who takes the test like 6 times! ARRGGGHHH. I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football and god damn Lucy keeps tormenting me.
Anyways, this is the last time I will "bitch" about it.

12:05 PM


October 22, 2003
Hey so I've officially been converted to an offical "Staff" employee of Nickelodeon Magazine. Up until now, I've technically been a full time freeleancer or "Permalancer". To quote my boss, Chris Duffy "This just proves that if you work some place full time for 5 years, you will eventually be hired!"

Official title is "Comics Editor, Special Projects"

The only real differences now are:
Direct Deposit. No more time sheets. Slight Raise, but more taxes, and no paid overtime. Paid vacations.
Viacom owns me.

5:29 PM


This morning, Caitlin told me about how Elliot Smith killed himself. Most likely stabbed himself in the wrists...

Sometimes it sucks when people live up top their own expectations. It's as if he said :How can make my fans think my music EVEN more depressing? Too bad. I much prefer when it turns out that the people who make such melancholy/dark art are actually really nice, well adjusted people, (Jhonen Vasquez being a personal example).

Suicide is always weird and celebrity suicide is even weirder sometimes. Makes me think about Nick Hornby's novel "About A Boy" and the stuff towards the end about "real suicide" versus the "fake suicide" (the book climaxes around the death of Kurt Cobain and how it relates to a girl who idolizes him--obviously not in the film version).

Anyways, I really like Elliot Smith's music (I only have 2 albums though) and would have liked to have seen him perform live at some point (his shows often sold out pretty quickly).

5:14 PM