October 30, 2003
It's no secret that I'm a big dork when it comes to kids literature.
So for Halloween this year Raina and I are going as the Baudelaire orpahans from the Lemony Snicket A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS novels. Below is her sketch/plan:

We probably won't end up looking much like the Brett Helquist illustrations. And only a hip few will know who we are supposed to be. But it should be fun. Next year after the EVENT's movie comes out we'll seem ahead of our time.

1:46 PM


October 28, 2003
David Rasmussen recently interviewed me about my comics and Manga and Anime influences for
Comic World News.

It's one of the longest Q&A's I've ever done, so I apologize to anyone who actually reads it all the way through! But check out the site because they seem to write about a lot of cool stuff (like Animal Crossing)and they recently posted a review for Astronaut Elementary!

5:16 PM


October 27, 2003

Last Thursday (see post) I spent most of the afternoon in a orientation class where I watched videos about how cool it is to work for MTV Networks and all the perks (discounts to Applebees). Normally I'm skeptic to this kind of "aren't we great?" propaganda (because Staples, Wendys, and Sam Goody all said the same thing)...but seriously MTV employees are pretty lucky (as well as "creative", "diverse", & "laid back" according to one hip film reel). Case in point: later that night we were treated to an "intimate" performance in the MTV cafeteria by FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE. One of the best bands in the world. People pay up to 30 dollars to go see them at Madison Square Garden (Friday night) and Irving Plaza (last month)...but they come and play for us...for free! Granted they only played 3 songs (Hakensack--AWESOME, Valley Winter Song --PRETTY, and Survival Car--WOOO HOOO!), but they answered questions from the audience and hung out afterwards (see picture above).
The guys were funny (of course) and also really cool about the whole sucking up to MTV so they'll keep playing them/puppet show the event was. And it was cool that there were actual Fountains of Wayne fans in the audience besides myself to ask questions and ask them how weird it was they were suddenly all over the radio with a novelty song (Stacy's Mom) after 7 years of producing awesome material. And to their credit they didn't even bother to play said hit song.

2:17 PM