November 14, 2003
i know many of you out there are ALREADY fans of the Homestar Runner cartoons...but I need to call attention to this because, seriously it is the best one ever:

How to Draw a Dragon

Chris Duffy, Andrew Brisman and I can't stop singing that song around the office. It reminds me of when we first discovered Tenacious D on HBO 4 years ago...

12:56 PM


November 13, 2003
Prisoner of Azkaban trailer

It's a good day to be a geek.
(still riding off the buzz of last nights awesome episode of ANGEL)

Watching the trailer, you get the sense the director is showing off with all the zooming camera/crane shots...but who can blame him, really!

First glance I couldn't even tell that wasn't Richard Harris as Dumbledore...

And boy, the kid who plays Malfoy looks soooo different! He is all growed up.

11:47 AM


November 12, 2003

That was a great episode of ANGEL that was just on.
Harsh--in just the right way.
Plus I love the TMNT style Foot Soldiers.

10:51 PM


November 10, 2003
Here are some pictures from Halloween for anyone curious about how our costumes came out.

You can see more here:

Halloween Archive.

4:46 PM