November 21, 2003
On Tuesday i went to an instore event at the Union Square Virgin Megastore for the DVD release of the THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS documentary "Gigantic". They Johns and drummer Marty Beller (of OTHER THING) played a short but extremely fun set of songs. They were in a wacky mood so there was lots of funny variations on songs and uses of strange instruments. Afterwards they stuck around to sign DVD's which was cool. I highly reccomend the DVD because
1. It is a great look at TMBG's career and features interviews with awesome, awesome people like Sarah Vowell, Ira Glass, Frank Black etc.
2. it is PACKED with extras. Videos, concert footage, radio clips, a hilarious promo video they made for FLOOD, and coolest of all the segments from when the John's hosted the 1980's kids music video show NICK ROCKS.
3. Even though I was in the audience of the Polish National Home concert footage used in the film, you can't see me...BUT you can see people I've met in some of the other bonus footage on the disk.
4. It's good to have a DVD like this to impress your family.

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November 19, 2003

On Friday I got to go to a live Q&A at the Union Square Barnes and Noble with the real Kermit the Frog.
As someone who grew up watching the Muppets and Sesame Street and continues to admire the work of the Henson company, this was easily one of the coolest events I've ever gone to. It was especially amazing because it was a real behind the scenes look into a process which has always seemed magical. Seeing it all happen before my eyes, only increased my respect for those creative folks involved. Unlike most Muppet events I've seen on TV this time they didn't try to hide Steve Whitmire (who has been acting as Kermit since the death of Jim Henson and worked with the Muppets since the 70's) behind any podium or large couch. Instead they just introduced him as Kermit's right hand man (allowing Kids to believe what they want to believe) and let Steve speak as himself and as Kermit. It really justified to me why this guy gets to fill the shoes of Henson's most famous character. Steve was just so humble and brilliant and his improv skills were incredible. He had quick and witty reactions to everything going on and totally stayed in character even when a 24-year-old girl jumped on stage and proposed to him (*see photo). He answered questions as far ranging as "How's Elmo doing?" from a kid, and "have you seen Avenue Q" from an adult (to which he answered yes, I auditioned for that...and in fact used to date that monster...she's REALLY furry!) and hinted that there might be a new Muppet Show in the works. Also adding to the awesomeness of the evening was the appearance of Sweetums, the giant monster who arrived early to take photographs (see other photo) and introduce Kermit. Overall there was a great energy and just a real sense of how great it is that these characters are still around and the people behind them are so cool.

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November 17, 2003
Here are some more color images I did of characters from my ASTRONAUT ELEMENTARY mini-comics :)

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