December 05, 2003
Like Corey Haim and Corey Feldmen before me...

To the tune of "Third Times the Charm" by Jordan Cooper and Yoko.

4:26 PM


The Comic World News site is having a poll about the best American produced manga and Quicken Forbidden and Astronaut Elementary are included.
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11:44 AM


December 04, 2003

Matt sent me this.
I don't know where it came from but it seems custom made for me...

12:15 PM


December 02, 2003
After months of stalling, I finally got around to buying a Gameboy SP. I had wanted to buy one the minute they came out, but since I barely play my Gameboy Advance, I figured I should wait for the kneejerk impulses to settle down. Now I realize the reason I never played my Gameboy Advance is the same reason I never played my original Gameboy...squinting at the screen gave me a headache! And playing complicated games looking down at the system versus the screen being angled towards me is just plain annoying. I tested it out on my copy of "Yoshi's Island" and already I got a lot further than I ever had previously. I can actually pay attention to what I'm doing!
The reasons I ultimately caved in:
1. Talking to my friend Matt on Thanksgiving always makes me think about videogames.
2. I read an issue of PLAY magazine dedicated to history of all the "Castlevania" games and it made me realize how much I would like to play "Harmony of Dissonance" and the new one that just came out (Aria of Sorrow).
3. There was an hour wait to get into a resteraunt and an Electronics Boutique was nearbye that had them in stock.
4. I figured if I asked for one for X-mas, it would involve family members going crazy trying to track one down cuz these things always disappear around the holidays (I remember it took weeks to get a friend a gameboy color a few years back for X-mas).
5. They are so neat and it fits in my coat pocket so nicely!

12:29 PM