December 12, 2003

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Not to brag...but I will anyway... "cuz that's what blog's are for" :)
Last night was the annual MTV Networks holiday bash held at Hammerstein Ballroom. As usual it was an over the top spectacle with wall-to-wall food, drink and glam. I'm not sure what the theme was this year but it involved face painting, booths with tarot card readers, bartenders with pink wigs and glowing star shirts. There were huge projections of silhouettes of live dancers, disco balls, smoke machines and props. Seemed like it was even more packed this year (at least 1,000 people) but there was twice as much food. They really go all out and show how much money Viacom has to spend with several buffets locations featuring steak, salmon, sauteed chicken, tortillas, rice & beans, sushi, egg rolls, wraps, pasta, salads, and plenty of stuff I've never heard of. And of course up to ten fully stocked bars serving endless free liquor. Even though I don't really drink, it's still entertaining to watch your co-workers (and people you see in the hall) enjoying themselves. And even better watching them dancing like crazy to the thomping music of the DJ. And thanks to all the roaming photographers I got to see a full crowd off people dancing to OUTKAST and "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" while actually waiting for their photos develop. Speaking of dancing...a guy who used to go by the name M.C. Hammer was in the crowd showing of his moves and mingling with the crowd. This of course caused quite a stir. The only other celebrities I saw this year were Conrad from the sketch group Littleman (who I didn't say anything to) and Patrick Donovan who plays Joe on Blue Clues (who said 'Hi' to me probably cuz he saw me talking with my friend Taso earlier who works on his show).
And of course my favorite part of the evening is fact that everyone in the company is provided Livery Cab service home...even the people who live in Connecticut, NJ and Long Island!

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December 11, 2003

Last night at Barnes and Noble:
They Might Be Giants gave another Free show!
This one promoting their new picture book illustrated by
Marcel Dzama that comes with an all new CD. They performed with their OTHER THING group which includes the awesome Mark Pender from the Max Weinberg 7.
Of course, it was another energetic, creative, playful show featuring fun new stuff and old favorites. This is the second of three TMBG shows I'll be seeing this month and both have been really fun. The next is in a few weeks is being refered to as the "Get Away from your Family" show December 27th at Irving Plaza featuring the "Band of Dans".

More about the picture book/cd:
(very cool website)

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December 09, 2003

@%&* YEAH!
Tonight was the debut of the new Peanuts Special.
I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing yet but the few minutes of the beginning I saw ROCKED!
Obviously nothing will ever compete with the charming rawness of the original holiday special (I love the mistakes as much as the intentionally good stuff).
But this one (the 3rd I think?) is SO awesome because it's all about Rerun!!

Those who know what's up will remember that Rerun was the younger brother of Linus who in the last few years of the strip completely revitalized it from the somewhat consistently lame era that began in the mid 80's. He kicks SO much ass! In a lot of ways changed the dynamic of the strip from being about kids who represent the anxieties of adults to being about a real kid being skeptic about the world he was born in to trying to find his place in it. He knew what he wanted and didn't care what people thought. If they have him drawing his "underground comics" that will make my year.

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December 08, 2003

I spent many hours this past weekend shoveling my driveway and dodging snowballs from the neighbor's kids.

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