December 24, 2003

Above is one of the panels from my latest Holiday Card/Mini-comic.

There rest is here for anyone to enjoy:

Dave's Holiday Memories...

::Keep Warm ::

2:07 PM


December 23, 2003
My friend Melanie just started up a small company dedicated to making yummy snacks that are safe for dogs.

So I thought I'd share it with all the dog lovers out there.
Check it out and show support a good idea:

The Paw Dog Bakery

6:21 PM


December 22, 2003

This was a panel from my 2000 holiday card/mini-comic.
I recently colored it just "because" so I figured I'd post it.
I should be finishing up my new card an minute now...
Hopefully I'd like to get them all scanned and posted somewhere soon.

5:58 PM