January 09, 2004
Oh, man you know you've hit it big when the graphic novel you've written has received rave reviews on a website dedicated to Biology and sciences!

Check this out:

The review itself is awesome, but it's so neat to be on the same page as Oxford English Mathematical text books. And check out all those categories to in the column to the right! Alpha Fetoproteins, Apoptosis, Actinomycetales, Cytochemistry, Immunohistochemistry, Macromolecules, Photobiochemistry, Jax Epoch...etc.
I feel so smart :D

2:02 PM


January 07, 2004

Double Dash!

12:15 PM


January 05, 2004
Things have been a whirlwind since Christmas, with tons of relatives coming to visit, get-togethers every night, tons of preparation for my Mom's big wedding extravaganza this past Saturday. It's been lots of fun spending time with Californians in NY, although dificult to make plans with so many people at once. I even took some of my cousins to a TMBG concert and to a UCB improv show which was wacky. The only downside is I haven't gotten any writing or drawing done, so I feel like I've been away to another planet. I started catching a cold but I think the routine/structure of commuting and going to work, will clear that up.

11:32 AM