January 30, 2004
Is it wrong to hope that Howard Dean doesn't win the Democratic Primaries/election just because I don't want to encourage Lorne Micheals to keep Jeff
as a cast member on Saturday Night Live? I already hated "Drunk Girl" and I can't stand his Dean impersonation (or any of his others--Bill O'Riley being a minor exception). If only there was a good democrat canditate that Fred Armisen could do so that he could get upgrated from Featured Player to full time cast member.

2:10 PM


"Dude you passed the FRIENDSHIP TEST ...but just barely"
-Tenacious D

Even tough I did very well in my friend Matt's case (who made his as hard as an SAT by filling it with lots of correct answers-- forcing you to choose the MOST correct answer), I find this QUIZ concept to be an recipe for desaster.

Per my imaginary scenario:
"Dude I thought you were my friend...but obviously you know nothing about me...and these results prove it!"

1:55 PM


January 26, 2004

Share with me, the excitement of my life

1:46 PM