February 12, 2004

Even though I really can't stand him, it seems worth it to check out Carson Daily this Friday night at 1:30am. Guests include Littleman/UCB fav Mike Birbiglia and Death Cab For Cutie which have recently moved up to the head of the class and become one of my favorite bands.

It seems to be a good week for Television in general what with Micheal J. Fox guest starring on SCRUBS...

...and next week's ANGEL is about him turning into a puppet on a kids show! You just can't go wrong. This is especially rewarding to me and my friend Miss (who I usually watch Angel with). After the cancellation of Farscape, she was always saying the one thing the Buffy universe needs is puppets. We literally did a high-five after seeing the trailer last night. Supposedly it's written and directed by Ben Edlund (creator of the TICK) which is another bonus.

Read the Episode Description Here

Even though the plot line seems VERY similar to a graphic novel I drew in the early 90's called "Darkness in December"...

I think it's really cool that ANGEL is moving in the direction of letting most of it's writers direct their own episodes. Every week is sort of like a mini-movie.

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February 11, 2004
Whats cooler than being cool?

This has been going around for a while...but it seems some people still haven't seen it. So as a public service:

HEY YA, Charlie Brown!

*it is a pretty big quicktime file so if anyone has trouble downloading it let me know and I'll make ya a copy (like I did for everyone at work).

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February 09, 2004
Comicon.com posted a great article about the latest Nicktoons Special I edited:

Fairly Odd Parents Magazine

This magazine was a lot of work, but I'm really proud of all the effort we put into it. And I got to work with a comic legend who was one of my favorite cartoonists growing up, Sergio Aragones. And it was also cool to get to hire friends like Jacob Chabot (Mighty Skullboy Army) and pair up people like Scott Roberts (PattyCake) with Jordan Crane (Non) and work with artists who've I've just become a big fan off like Derek Kirk Kim (Small Stories). And Butch Hartman the creator of the FOP show went beyond the call of duty to create a bunch of art inspired by the old How to Draw the Marvel Way books. It was just awesome all around and I hope people check this one out.

Illo by Derek Kirk Kim

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