March 05, 2004
I'm hoping to encourage nice people to stop by the new
Cryptic Press/Yaytime message boards over at

This thingy will be connected to the new revamped Quicken Forbidden site as well as our site and the Modern Tales Longplay site, which will be running Teen Boat episodes 1-3 exclusively on the web as of April.

Besides creating a place to talk about the comics we make, we hope to spark all sorts of fun conversations and just make it seem like we have a huge posse of friends ;)

If you are already a registered member of Talk About Comics, then your all set up and your profile/avatar etc will work across the boards. If not, it's super easy to sign up and doing so allows you to be part of a huge group of cool message boards including those for James Kochalka's, and

It isn't very exciting now but if people stop by and post stuff maybe it will become cool ;)

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5 days left till my operation.

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March 04, 2004
Ya gotta hear this...
Rivendell Kids Chorus from Colorado singing "Hockey Monkey"
that oh so catchy song by James Kochalka Superstar and the Zambonis.

There's one kid towards the end that is a total crack up.

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I freakin' love Tina Fey. She is totally my new role model. There's a neat interview with her in the new BUST Magazine.

Last month BUST had an profile on Chynna Clugston Major creator of the comic "Blue Monday" and the month before that a small article about the FOL anthology I edited called "Broad Appeal". And there's an Ellen Forney comic in every issue. So they know what's up.

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March 02, 2004
I have a 2-page comic about strange things I did as a kid (like trying to build my own videogame system out a wood and rubberbands) in this awesome anthology called
Not My Small Diary.
It's made up of two cleverly designed mini-comics that come in a set for $4. You should totally order it because besides just my silly stories there is great stuff by artist who are actually great like Andi Watson, Dan Moynihan, John Porcellino, Raina Telgemeier, Patty Leidy and Dave Kiersh. The theme is "diaries from the artists' lives age 11 & under".

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March 01, 2004
Oscar thoughts...

I've heard several people complain that this years Oscars where predictable and boring. But I'd rather the awards go to the most deserving films (like LOTR) than there be lots of upsets just to make a more entertaining award show.
And besides aren't Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'hara and Owen Wilson funny enough?
And Blake Edwards freakin rocks (altough his bit was almost ruined by that jim carrey guy).

I was disappointed that Murray didn't get an award because I do think he is a genius. But I also disagree with people/commercials that say his performance was dramatically different from the Bill Murray we have seen before.
It was the same Bill Murray--just a different type of film surrounding him. Which is pretty much what Jack Nicholson does most of the time.

Johnny Depp on the other hand did create a very distinct personality character for Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Carribean"-- that most people felt they had never seen anything like before. And I personally feel that that's what should be regarded as the real "achievement" as its described in the category.

I have nothing against Sean Penn winning an award, because he is talented overall ( I didn't see Mystic River but I'm sure he cries very well in it)--and it shows that Hollywood can reward someone who turns their back on them and does things that are considered unpatriotic to the mainstream government.

I was pretty disappointed that American Splendor lost best Screenplay.

But at least in doing so it helped LOTR tie with Titanic. I just wish it was nominated for one more thing so it could beat it. Is still can't believe how Titanic got so much acclaim.

I was also surprised the long awaited Salivador Dali/Disney collaboration Destino didn't win animated short...but I'm always happy to see Stop Motion/ clay stuff get appreciation.

It was a tough call between the song from the Triplets of Belleville and the one from A Mighty Wind--so luckily neither won! In fact I already forgot who did!
Damn it, I still say Eugene Levy should have got an oscar nomination for his performance in A Mighty Wind...

But at any rate Peter Jackson remembered to mention his early films "Meet the Feebles" and "Bad Taste" on the Oscar Broadcast, so that alone was worth the price of admission.

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