March 12, 2004
Oh man... this just made my night.
So dramatic!

Mario Bros. Animation

12:04 AM


March 11, 2004
Well I finally managed to get the hiccuping to stop after much stress and effort. I have to tell you it was pretty scarry. I've gone into full detail on our message board so if you interested in sharing my pain you can check out:

the Cryptic Press medical forum

I would feel a lot more relaxed if I knew for sure that I was making the right decisions. Already, I've done a lot of stuff I wasn't supposed to (like drinking vinegar, running around my house, standing on my head and driving my moms car backwards around the neighborhood at top speed etc.) I guess only time will tell at this point. Hopefully I can go back to posting about fun comic book stuff and Ewoks again soon.

10:24 PM


After searching for tips on the internet I tried drinking Vinegar, holding my breath drinking while leaning forward, and standing on my head (which is really hard cuz my glads are SO swolen it hurts my ears and stuff.

And still the Hiccups are trying to kill me!

3:39 AM


ARGH! Damn it!
I knew that I'd probably have trouble sleeping tonight because of the pain in my throat...but not because of hiccups! I"ve had them for over an hour and a half straight hiccuping about once to twice a minute! And its really freaking me out because it's hurting my throat so much and Im afraid its gonna mess up my stitches...
Plus I can't relax at all...they are driving me crazy! I've drunken water, salt water, had 5 spoonfulls of sugar, danced around my room, rolled around on the floor, did jumping jacks in my garage, did push ups, at some sorbet, puffed my inhaler, ran up and down the stairs...I don;t know what else to do. The hiccups just keep coming and coming! It would really suck to have to go back to hospital tomorrow for something so stupid! GULP!

3:05 AM


March 10, 2004
To distract myself from the current pain, and to avoid having to kill my throat again, when I eventually can talk...I decided to just write a detailed review of my tonsil surgery today ( I give it *** by the way!) I posted it over at our new message board just so I don't fill up this whole blog with boring personal details. I'd rather save that for when I have some post-it note drawings of my adventures!

Excerpt from "My Tonsil Year"

11:52 PM


March 08, 2004

I also saw Starsky and Hutch.

3:07 PM