March 16, 2004
Wow, talk about the perks of your dad being a famous comic book writer.
Check out the interview with this kid who got to write a Joss Whedon related story:

Sam Loeb

At least he knows what's up and gives good props.

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March 15, 2004
Did anyone watch this new show called WONDERFALLS?

I checked it out because it was produced by Tim Minear (one of the Angel writer/producers) and someone mentioned it had a Jax Epoch like character.
But I was surprised by how off beat they are able to be and still be on TV. It is sort of how I was thinking a low-budget Quicken Forbidden show could be executed. One that focused more on the weird day to day things that could happen to Jax as a alienated character in her own world, rather than the big adventure stuff from the comic. On Wonderfalls this girl talks to inanimate objects that mostly come from a tourist store where she works. Which to me adds to the QF connection because I was always building towards this subtext about Jax's fixation with cheap gift store items (like the plastic cup that becomes the Quicken and how is evolves out of Jax spending time visiting her father in Florida). But the show is different enough from my comic on the surface that most people won't see the similarities. But stuff like this still trips me up creatively and keeps me constantly re-thinking the direction the book takes.
Did I mention that "Hole in the World" episode of Angel two-weeks back that had me cursing about similarities to things going on QF #11 and 12?
Anyways, I thought Wonderfalls was pretty creative, which means it will be cancelled right away.

Speaking of cancelled shows (and things that involved Tim Minear) I finally got the FIREFLY dvd and watched the first 4 episodes. It turns out to be a lot more enjoyable than I first thought. The one time I saw it on TV I thought it was boring and I wasn't digging the space cowboy thing. But now I see that it's more of a melting pot of genre concepts and design and pretty different from episode to episode. It IS a slow paced show with it's own rhythm, but that's easier to appreciate when you are medicated and have time to let it breath. I also listened to the commentary for the episode that Jane Espenson wrote which is always neat. I'm glad the DVD has the full run of the show so I can enjoy it at my leisure. As everyone says TV on DVD is a brilliant idea.

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