April 01, 2004

I know I'm always talking about how great Nickelodeon Magazine is.
But you know what? It's SO true.
Just look at the April Issue that is on stands right now.
It's our third ALL CARTOON themed issue and like the two before it really raises the bar on how much cool stuff we can get away with.

Chris and I are so exciting we are posting press releases all over the place.
For example:

Just a sample of the talent included:
Stan Lee, Marie Severin, Sam Henderson, Mike Wartella, Abby Denson, Scott Roberts, Jef Czekaj, Chris Giarusso, Bill Wray, Sergio Aragones, Mike Allred, Hilary Barta, Paul Rivoche, R. Sikoriak, David Coulson, Jason Shiga, Mort Walker, Marc Rosenthal and more.

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March 31, 2004
One of my favorite parts of going to comic conventions on the west coast is getting to hang with our buddies Brent Otey and Russ Kazmierczak from K.O. ComiX. Not only do they publish lots of cool comic books, they are both hysterical as hell.
So it's exciting to know that thanks to Russ' new website Geekly Weekly, I can read the same kind of insightful and funny commentary from the comfort of my own home.
Everyone should check it out:

Geekly Weekly

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