April 05, 2004

Big news on the floating angst front...Teen Boat chapters 1-3 make their online debut this month at Modern Tales LONGPLAY! This is the exclusive place to read the original Teen Boat storyline on the web. So if you've never had the chance to pick up a copy of these highly acclaimed mini-comics now's your chance to get on the boat!

If you are already a subscriber to the Modern Tales, then it's totally free! If not it's only $2.95 for the month and you get access to tons of other great online comics and back issues. And if you mention you subscribed specifically for Teen Boat then John and I actually get paid--which is always a nice afterthought! But seriously this is a really cool thing and John and I are super excited that our wacky in-joke can finally be enjoyed by the masses.

READ IT! here

2:47 PM