June 3, 2004
One of John Green's pages (he never told me which one) from Quicken Forbidden #12 will be appearing in this exhibit:


June 5 - August 6, 2004
MoCCA Gallery
See artwork spanning the career of MAD Magazine founder and celebrated
cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman side-by-side with works nominated for this years
Harvey Awards.

Exhibiting works by:

Kyle Baker, Plastic Man; Jeff Brown, Unlikely; Sophie Crumb, Belly Button Comix; Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules; Bill Griffith, Zippy the Pinhead; Tomer Hanuka, Bipolar; Sam Henderson, Magic Whistle; Kaz, Underworld; Joe Kubert (Sgt. Rock, Yossel); Batton Lash, Supernatural Law; Patrick McDonnell (Mutts); Ethan Persoff, Pogostick; Chris Pitzer, Project Telstar; Spain Rodriguez, Nightmare Alley; Dave Roman writer and John Green artist, Quicken Forbidden; Dave Sim (Cerebus); Sara Varon, Sweaterweather; R. Sikoryak (Comics Journal); G.B. Trudeau (Doonesbury); and many others.

That is some line up!

5:45 PM



Yes, the rumors are true...my 7 year relationship with the Long Island Rail Road has come to end.
I have finally moved!

11:51 AM