July 2, 2004
Random entries:

-Gonna go see the band THE FRAMES at Southstreet Seaport for free tonight. Never rocked so close to water before!
-Tried to get blinds for my window today--turned out to be more expensive and complicated than I thought.
-Still haven't seen Spiderman2 yet--but maybe after the rock show tonight.
-Did see the Farenheit 9/11 so don't throw eggs at me for being anti-American okay? I liked it but found it very sad-especially in the beginning with the Florida ballots and towards the end with the patriotic woman who lost her son in Iraq. It's a lot less funny/swarmy than past Moore films. More fact than instigation. Which in some ways is good but also less fun.
-I need to get cracking on Astronaut Elementary strips--I'll be out of stuff to reprint on Girlamatic before I know it.
-The strip that will be running on the 4th of July couldn't be more perfect thematically. It's all about a battle for idependence.
-I just re-wrote some scenes in Quicken Forbidden #13. It has been the hardest issue to write--and has taken too long because of constant distraction. But it's ALMOST ready...
-I found a bagel place that rocked my socks off this morning--so now I'm wearing sandles.

3:50 PM


June 29, 2004
Jen from a website called The PULSE asked me to write up a summary of the MoCCA art festival/Harvey Awards and it was posted earlier today. There's lots of details about the weekend and also photos.

Pros & Cons

Heidi MacDonald posted in response to it:
"Wow, this is hands down the best-ever con report on the Pulse not written by me! In fact, there's no need to write mine now -- you got it all, Dave. Great job."

5:41 PM


I'm pretty shot from this weekend...with a fever and a sore throat. Luckily no tonsils to get infected though so that's possitive. The Harvey Awards ceremony and Mocca art fest... totally wiped me out. Plus my allergy medicine and cough medicine are making me pretty drousy so I appologize for more misspellings than usual...

9:53 AM