July 9, 2004

Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden
VOLUME 2 Separation Anxiety is available NOW!
You can find it in Diamond Previews on Page 206 and there is a really cool ad on page 205.

Diamond Order Code JUL04 2530
written by Dave Roman & art by John Green,
published by AIT/PlanetLar
144 black-and-white pages, $14.95
Collects issues 6-10 and features an ALL NEW 8-page bonus story.

I am urging anyone who cares-- to please go to your local comic shop and ask them to order this book. If you know anyone who reads comics or is into modern fantasy, Harry Potter, Dark Crystal etc. help us spread the word. We can always use help posting on message boards, blogs and stuff like that. We really appreciate any and all support to help make this book a success and promise to share it with you! That way we can be sure that we'll have a volume 3 out sooner than later and can keep making fun comics.

The first people to break the news about the book was the awesome site: Comics Worth Reading

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July 7, 2004
Because terrorism is a constant concern to all NYC residents I've added a muppet-coded alert bar to the bottom right hand link column on this site. You may want to check back frequently to see how threatened we might be by the current government. If things get all the way up to ELMO, you know it's time to head for the hills (Canada).

Current Terror Alert Level:

Terror Alert Level

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