September 15, 2004
This Sunday, September 19th will be the debut of a completely all-new Astronaut Elementary strip on

It starts a two-week storyline starring Scab Wellington, who is the best friend of the most popular girl in school. She first appeared in an earlier Maribelle Mellonbelly comic strip and now gets to move into the spotlight (or the shadow of the spotlight). Scab is a really fun character to write for because she has her own brand of logic and will defend it to the death. She is fiercely protective of her best friend and won't let anyone get away with "crossing the line".

So yeah, check them out and let me know what you think.

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September 14, 2004
I'd also be totally going to this:

Sharkhunters Rock & Roll Party!

Check out all that cool stuff going on!
One of the bands playing is named Harry and the Potters and plays all Harry Potter related songs. Humanimals?!

And it is all to promote the release of GRAMPA AND JULIE: SHARK HUNTERS, a full color collection of the awesomely hilarious comic strip that appears in NICKELODEON MAGAZINE. Congrats to Jeff Czekaj, the Master of Ceremonies for organizing such a kick ass event. Luckily my boss will be going and hopefully taking pictures!

3:50 PM


Oh, man...if this wasn't one of the busiest weeks of my whole life, I'd totally jump on a plane and fly out to Hollywood for this:

Remember the 80's

VH-1's Bands Reunited Presents


A one time only performance!

Sunday September 19
show at 8pm, doors open 7pm
SIR Studios at 6465 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028
Admission is FREE and you must be 21 or older

Any one in the Holwood area...please go for me! And film it!

11:19 AM


September 13, 2004
I haven't picked it up yet but I recently found out one of my favorite musicians, Mike Patton appears on Bjorks' new album.
Word on the street is its not really a bjork/mike patton duet, (you have to really pick out when you hear him and it's subtle). He was just one of many to lend his voice as an instrument, instead of singing. Patton is obviously a good choice for that considering 50% his work post Faith No More/ Mr. Bungle has been experimental voice work/ noise art. And it looks like now Bjork is trying her hand at the genre. I'd like to see them do an album together. A Bjork DVD called "The Inner or Deep Part of an Animal or Plant Structure" was also released. It's a 45-minute documentary on the making of "Medulla". It has a good deal of footage of Patton working with Bjork in the studio.

There is also a funny video of Patton and Bjork in the studio here:


Also one of the more interesting Mike Patton collaborations in the past few weeks (he has a new project practically every moth) is his album with composer John Kaada. If you are are bored at work you can listen to some of it here:


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