October 1, 2004
Okay, well looks like I wrote off John Kerry a bit too quickly. Thank god that Tan was removable.
Because he actually did a decent job and held his own against Bush who reminded me of Vice President Nero from a Series of Unfortunate Events, "The Austere Academy" --going around calling himself a genius and then mocking anything serious that someone says to him. Now, I'm waiting for Dick Cheney to call John Edwards a "cake sniffer" on Tuesday...

Anyway, as much as John Kerry saved his ass in this first debate, and actually had things to say, I'm convinced that most of America won't care. I can't believe it, but as far as people being polled are concerned that fact that Bush is stubborn and has a one track mind. But everywhere you turn that seems to be the case. And Bush and company are so good at branding catch phrases like "flip flopper" that people just eat up and use as if it really meant something to their individual lives. God damn those flip flops, they are destroying America--for me!!!!

1:11 AM


September 30, 2004
Ugh...I'm so convinced that Kerry is gonna blow it for the Democrats tonight.
I really hope he proves me wrong. But once I saw his new Orange Skin--I knew it was over.
Plus I don't think these new restricted rules for presidential debating are gonna work in his favor at all. Instant Messaging seems like a more fair format...

2:24 PM


September 29, 2004
It's been a busy week!
We're currently shipping the SpongeBob movie magazine off to the printers, so I've been staying at the Nick Mag offices pretty late. And after hours I've been frantically finishing up my latest Astronaut Elementary mini comic so that I have enough time to photocopy it and staple them all before we leave for the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland on friday morning. And for this years SPX, John and I will debuting 3 new books total! Joining the new Astronaut Elementary #4 on the display table will be Teen Boat #6, and the second Jax Epoch/Quicken Forbidden tradepaperback! As crazy as it's been it's also super exciting because my favorite part is when the books as done and I get to flip through them. And then in a couple of weeks I'll also get to have the SpongeBob movie magazine in my grabby hands too. The prize for all the hard work.

Anyways here is what the cover for the new AE mini looks like:

11:21 AM