October 29, 2004
If you go over to GirlAMatic.com you can see the full color ARCANA JAYNE comic strip I did as part of their big Halloween comic strip SWAP event. Everyone on the site drew a story for one of the other creators, based on a random names in a hat selection process. On Sunday you can check out the Halloween rendition of my Astronaut Elementary series, done by a mystery artist!

1:25 AM


October 28, 2004
Speaking of the boy with the powers of a boat...

Brilliant songsmith, Jordan Cooper just recorded a beautiful and heartfelt song about Teen Boat's love affair in Venice (as seen in issues #4 & #5). Listen to it here:

Venice Love Theme

And also check out Jordan's site for lots more of his catchy melodies.

La La La

1:18 AM


October 24, 2004
I hyped it everywhere else, but I forgot to link it here until now.

So if you haven't already, check out our awesome new camaign website:


It was designed and built by
Erin Houlihan who also constructed this very site. She also deserves mad props for designing the awesome buttons that we gave away at this years SPX.

11:24 PM