November 3, 2004
Well The Bush Army won and he didn't have to cheat this time. This is what AMERICA wants, and now we are supposed to "heal". Even though I consider myself non-violent, I was kinda hoping for riots and legal battles. Thinking back over the past year on how big a case people made for why the president is wrong...books, movies, tv, adding on all of P.Diddy's hype about youth voting and it still was not enough... just shows the true power of middle America. Because the Midwest saw that threat and reacted accordingly.

I feel like NYC and the upper east coast are just out of touch with the rest of the United States. Republican's won the presidency validating their "stealing" the last election, they win the senate which means they will do whatever the president wants...and the Supreme Court is at stake. So are they happy now? Or are they still gonna bitch every night about the liberals?

If I try hard enough I can imagine how someone could justify voting for the philosophical beliefs of the Republican party: less taxes, government etc. But I can't understand how they can be happy about George Bush, the man representing us. Especially considering he has accomplished almost nothing that really would be considered a win for Republicans, except taking more power from the Democrats. I see the people on TV who are so happy that Bush won. And I just can't even imagine feeling that way. Not even If I was pro-war! I’d still be embarrassed.

I think it is ironic that so much of middle America justifies the War on Iraq based on 9-11. But those people have never been attacked or really threatened by true terrorism. It's just something they saw or read about. The people who actually live in the cities that have been attacked, specifically NY the target of the biggest terrorism attack ever voted for Kerry. And most us don't even think the war on Iraq has anything to do with the war on terror and resents Bush using the attack on NY to justify it.

So I could care less about all the wasted time spent on the Kerry campaign. What angers me is that so many people trust faith over fact

I guess, that means I don't agree with the philosophical beliefs of most of the country according to the popular vote, which makes me feel like a jerk somehow... Because I just feel SO mad about all this.

3:47 PM


November 2, 2004
Perfectly timed for Election Day,
Modern Tales LONGPLAY website is debuting the complete VOTE BOAT comic adventure!
If you weren't at SPX and missed the mini-comic now is your chance to read it online!

Modern Tales LONGPLAY

Remember: Democracy can be funny!

11:36 AM


November 1, 2004
So even though I usually like to vote 3rd party, this year I gotta vote for John Kerry. His name rymes with Berry! And that's just adorable.

And rather than voting for whoever I'd want to barbecue with like most of America I'll stick with a more VFD inspired philosophy: Vote for Brains over Brawn.

But come to think of it, even though I woun't mind going to one of GW's Barbecues (because based on all reports they are pretty off the hook) I really wouldn't invite him over to one of mine. It'd be like SOOO awkward.

Since I don't want this blog to get too political, I wrote more in detail here:
Why I'm voting for Kerry

But I'll be voting for him through the Working Families Party because it's sorta like getting and extra bang for your buck.

I'll also be voting for the Green Party candidate, David McReynolds for U.S. Senator. And Babylon superstar, Kimberly Wilderfor State Senate (4th District).

If only I could vote twice like some of those folks in Florida...

6:44 PM


October 31, 2004
The special Halloween edition of Astronaut Elementary written and drawn by the uber talented Jenn Manley Lee! It's full of helpful tips for tricks and treats. Meanwhile, I'll be chillin with Linus waiting in the most sincere pumpkin patch ever...

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