November 19, 2004
I'll be at this convention all weekend. John will be with me on Saturday and Sunday.
You'll be able to recognize us between all the wrestlers, unemployed actors and playboy models.
But hopefullly the show will be fun, we'll meet some nice people and maybe sell some of our funny books.

Big Apple NATIONAL show

9:07 AM


November 18, 2004

Okay, back to work!
Everyone should know that the SpongeBob Squarepants movie magazine that I edited is on newstands now!
Is it awesome? Yes! It's got comics by: Tony Millionaire (Maakies, Sock Monkey), Derek Kirk Kim (Same Difference & Other Stories), James Kochalka (, Monkey Vs. Robot), Kazu Kibuishi (Flight Anthology,,
C.H. Greenblatt (Storyboard artist/writer on SpongeBob), Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle, writer on SpongeBob),
Jay Lender (Writer on SpongeBob), Gregg Schigiel (Spider-Man), Kaz (Underworld, writer on SpongeBob)

Each comic ties directly into the plot of the movie, offering side stories and untold origin tales!
It's got everything EXCEPT David Hasslhoff. And that's only because we weren't allowed to mention him. Only commericals and trailers are allowed to do that. NOT official movie magazines.

More info Here

4:05 PM



Here I go balbing dorkily how Digimon Frontier (AKA season 4)isn't as good as the past seasons because not enough "slice of life stuff" with the characters and bam, last nights episode totally makes up for it with really cute hints towards romance and then ending with them blowing up the whole world. Awesome.

For those of you who think I am crazy I appologize. I can't help what makes me happy!
I know Digimon seems like just a rip off of Pokemon. And I know having to sit through ten minutes of transformation sequences and cheezy music and fight sequences can be pretty corny.
But I seriously think the character designs of all the kid characters on the show are brilliant. And the characters themselves are all really appealing and fun in the same way the kids are in the Harry Potter books. And if you give the show enough time it is rewarding in how it presents and deals with the characters. A really good example of how involved the character arcs are can be found on this site:

Koichi's Story

3:38 PM


November 16, 2004

Okay enough about politics. Let's talk philosophy...
I saw I Heart Huckabees and thought it was a cute movie. Lots of the funny moments and it never really got too pretentious. It's a comedy about philosophical thought without really being ABOUT philosophical thought. It's more just window dressing for gags and wackiness. But I thought more successfully so than Garden State or other even The Royal Tennenbuams in the ever increasing genre of smartass hipster indy flicks.

On the less pretentious side of entertainment...

I finally saw the original Dawn of the Dead. Which obviously isn't really scary at all now in the current age of much more elaborate zombie flicks. But there is still a charm to it.

...And I've decided to keep my digital cable mainly so I can continue to watch Digimon on Toon Disney. I never realized how many damn episodes there actually was in the first season, that I never saw. And Season 4 (Digimon Fronteir) turned out to be not so bad. The kid characters are pretty cool (once you get past the idea they turn INTO digimon), and the settings are pretty neat. But with Season 4 it really just depends on how cool or corny the characters they encounter are (sorta like the first half of Season 1 before they go back to earth). Because the stories just never get as involving as in season 2 or 3 (the most engaging one) because they don't really go into their backgrounds or let the kids develop interesting relationships or crushes. I know there are only like 5 other people in the world who agree with me that Digimon is ACTUALLY an amazing I doubt there will ever be a demand for full seasons on DVD. But I continue to dream my dorky dreams...

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November 15, 2004
I highly recommend this movie, that I just saw on DVD:

Control Room

It's a really compelling documentary about how everyone uses propaganda for both pro and and con.
The focus is on the Al-Jazeera, as a camera crew spends several months at their station in Iraq starting about a month before the war in Iraq till about the time Bush declared Mission Accomplished. But you really see things from both sides and get a larger sense of the world. And also it's just interesting to see how a society so different from ours is growing their own media outlet.

--also the Incredibles of course was pretty good ;)

2:11 PM