December 2, 2004
I gotta give Trey Parker and Matt Stone the "mad props". Just when I thought they couldn't do anything to piss of celebrities more than TEAM AMERICA...they one upped themselves with this weeks Soutpark. It even surpassed their Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck episode in how it crosses the line of "parody" and is just an all out attack on a specific person who they are sick of.
In this case, Paris Hilton. To which I say, "Thank you!". They did such a great job of illustrating the frustration we should feel over having to be subjected to her worthless exploits day in and day out. I saw a letter in the newspaper a few weeks back daring the editors to go 2 days without running her picture in the paper.
Anyways if you haven't seen the episode yet, it's really worth seeing in reruns or downloads or however people watch shows these days.

5:31 PM