December 10, 2004
Just in time for holiday gift giving season...
copies of Teen Boat are now even easier to order than EVER before!
Thanks to an online distributor called that specializes in mini-comics. It's really worth checking out because they have lots of interesting hard to find stuff and it's really easy to navigate and order stuff through their website. In fact I'd say they probably have the best website for ordering mini comics I've seen so far. So go support their business!

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December 9, 2004
For research purposes related to a freelance project I started renting camp movies.
The first one I watched was "Meatballs" which I was told was a classic. I guess you had to be there, because I found the film really hard to watch (especially the scene where Bill Murray jokingly attempts to rape a fellow councilor) and to be excruciatingly aimless. There wasn't a single memorable character and almost every scene feels unresolved in a way that keeps you anticipating a pay off that never comes...

After that I watched "Wet Hot American Summer", which is supposedly a parody...but felt just too close to "Meatballs" to really defend that title. But then a parody of a comedy is strange goal in itself. "Wet Hot" did have a few funny moments towards the end though and a cast of comedians I usually enjoy in other stuff, so that helped to get me through the weaker parts. the film suffers from the modern film crisis that many SNL films do where they wanna be really hardcore crazy with the comedy showing you how far they push the envelope but then minutes later expect you buy into a contrived love story that wouldn't fly in a Mandy Moore movie. Like one minute the heroes of the film are smoking crack, talking to inanimate objects, humping refrigerators and then the next they are sad because a two deimensional character doesn't understand how much they love them. My friend Lee calls this "Tone Deaf".

Rounding off my DVD watching, I kick started the holiday season by watching the original "Miracle on 34th Street". It's been about 10 years since I last saw it, and wasn't sure if it would be as cute a movie as I remember. It totally was though! And it confirmed my memory that Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle just kicks so much ass. He is MY santa.
The DVD doesn't have much bonus material but it so worth watching, to see the original movie trailer which is like a short film about the producers debating what to put in the trailer. I LOOOOOOVE stuff like that! Like one of the teen starlets they run into in the backlot of the film studio, comments about the screening she saw of the film, "It's Groovy!"

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