December 16, 2004
The Series of Unfortunate Events magazine that I edited is out on Newstands now.
I've been working on it to some degree since June, so it rocks to finally have the finished project. And people seem to really be digging the comic adaptation within, which makes me happy. As a fan of the book series, I really wanted to make sure we did something that I could be proud of and be true to the spirit of the books--even though the magazine would be promoting the film. And getting Sam Hiti to draw the comic was just the best idea ever. He did such a cool job of bringing his own style to the Lemony Snicket universe.

Check out the article about and more artwork from the comic adaptation at NEWSARAMA

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December 13, 2004
Like segues?...Here's one:

Or pal, Jordan Cooper recorded another sincere song that captures the mindset of the Teen Boat character. It's one of those songs that grows on you more and more as you keep listening to it over and over. You especially gotta love that dramatic shift ending. The whole thing makes me imagine what a Teen Boat stage production would be like a lot more clearly...

Take a listen:

Walk On Me

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