December 21, 2004
I finally wrote up my reaction to the Lemony Snicket movie.

Lemony Snicket Movie Review

Becuase Jim Carrey is such a button pusher, I expect not everyone will agree with my way of seeing it.

So great is peoples hate for the man, that I've found myself in heated conversations just far suggesting that he might not be "that bad".

11:03 AM


December 19, 2004
Also of note about Saturday Night Live was that Robert Smigiel animated christmas special! Wow.
And the fact that Robert Riggle said "DON'T COST NOTHIN!" on my teevee! Just like he used to at the UCB theater :)

And somehow because I was channel flipping I didn't realize that Kermit had come out earlier on the show and sang some song with Robert Deniro.

11:32 PM


Awww man The Muppets joining Haratio Sans on Saturday Night Live to sing his christmas song was just the best thing EVER!!
I'm so glad I stayed up.
(also to update my astronaut elementary strip last minute)

I always loved it it Horatio and Co. sang the christmas song and was sad because I thought they wouldn't do it this year.

This was the best suprise!! They even let Steve Whitmire and the puppeteers show themselves durring the closing credits. But I couldn't tell if Frank Oz was there?

1:59 AM