January 6, 2005
For those of you who wish I'd just shut up... I'm sorry to report that I now have a Livejournal.

How is this different from my blog? I'm not really sure yet. But it seems like all the cool kids are getting them so I figured, what they heck. Yes, that's what they said about Friendster...and I haven't used that in months.
But until I can afford an IPOD this seems like the next step in hi-tech goofing off.

The motivating factor to sign up for a Live Journal was mostly so that I post replies to other peoples stuff and actually be me...rather then some nameless thing. But if I end up liking it better maybe I'll find a way to incorporate it into the html of this site (the way Blogger currently is). Or I'll just keep them separate and have this blog be for mostly news updates and professional stuff and the Livejournal just be boring ramblings. Who knows!

3:57 PM


January 4, 2005
Speaking of Eisner and young punk cartoonists...

I did a google image search on the words "Will Eisner" and bam-- look at one of the first photos to pop up:

Mr. Eisner and Todd Webb!

11:48 PM


I'm totally saddened to hear that comics legend, Will Eisner past away last night. I never knew him personally, but all the times I saw him speak at events or even just walk around talking with people at comic conventions I was always so impressed with the guy. When I last saw him two years ago at SPX I just couldn't believe that he was 85 (at the time) and just so "with it". Everything he said was just so much more thoughtful and relevant that people half his age. And considering his amazing and influential body of work it was always so cool to see the man who coined the phrase "graphic novel" checking out what the upstart cartoonist kids were up to. He definitely leaves a legacy and I hope the world never forgets his contributions to it. In fact, it would be nice to see some acknowledgement in the mainstream press.

2:31 PM


January 3, 2005
In order to get a bit further ahead on my comic strips I've been posting some of my holiday story cards instead of Astronaut Elementary on GirlAMatic.com. This week I finally scanned one of the first ones I did. It stars me and Pikachu and is probably the single best recieved comic strip I ever drew. I spend every year trying to live up to it, and hopefully someday I'll do somthing that will recieve the same amount of acclaim!

Read the full comic HERE~

1:11 PM


January 2, 2005
Man, remember when the deathtoll seemed like it was "only" 22,000...those were good times...in comparison to what it ended up being. Because of an allergy attack I got from my parents dusty house and my cousins shedding dog on Christmas I was pretty out of it all last week. I ended up spending a lot of time laying on my couch with a rag on my head and listening to CNN absorbing tons of info about all the horrors and first hand accounts. And now the latest estimates say the death toll in Asia is likely to hit 150,000! I really want to donate to some relief efforts but I'm broke from holiday spending. But as soon as I get my next paycheck on Tuesday I certainly will.

2:08 PM