January 12, 2005
If you have any connection to the world of comics you should vote for the Harvey Awards! It's fun!
Last year Quicken Forbidden #12 was nominated for best single issue and we got to live it up at the awards dinner. It'd be nice to go again for free so feel free to nominate us for something :)
We didn't put any new issues of QF out, but there's the new tradepaperback that could get best collection of previous material. And maybe Teen Boat for the Humor category? While you're writing stuff down, why not include, Nickelodeon Magazine for Best Anthology?

You can download a ballot here:

Harvey Award Nominate Form

6:34 PM


January 10, 2005
This weekend I finished coloring a 4-page Astronaut Elementary comic strip that will appear in Digital Webbing Presents #24.

Here is a sneak peak:

You can see a full page here:

Miyumi Dino Page 3 COLOR.

I'm really liking the way the characters in look in color!

6:39 PM


January 9, 2005
This week's Astronaut Elementary features guest art by Adrian Ramos, who in some CIRCLES is known as Adis!
And even if you're SQUARE, like me, you probably know how awesome he is. He draws two awesome online comic strips:
Count Your Sheep
The Wisdom of Moo.

If he had a third strip, then it would be like a TRIANGLE of cute comics! And if he had a fourth, we'd have to call him Adrian RHOMBUS!
Okay, I'm starting to SPIRAL out of control with the cheezy shape references...

But be sure to check out his guest art and then go read some of his comic strips!

2:25 AM