January 24, 2005

Oh, that John Green! Even when he does grown up things--he finds a way to incorporate his toy collection!

Check out this awesomely true story:

On Sunday, January 8th, after having a little post-Christmas gift exchange, John points out to his girlfriend, Marion an addition to the little Lego slegovillage he had made weeks earlier. Marion stands up to look at it, above the television on their dinky little IKEA bIKEAase.

"This doesn't look very ChristChristmasy", Marion comments, "What's he doing, diffusing a bomb? Opening up a safe?"

Then she looks to her right, and John is down on one knee with a little black box.

"What's that? Are you for real?" "WAIT, are you SURE??" Marion questions.

Finally, she says "Yes, of course, get off the floor!"

And now the two are happily engaged. And so are the legos!

--Congradulations to two of the coolest and creative people I know. If they have a theme wedding you can guarantee it will be rad.

3:10 PM