February 3, 2005

Yesterday was the release of the big Bizarro World book from DC comics. It's an anthology of alternative cartoonists doing their "wacky" takes on DC comic book heroes. I wrote a 4-page comic called:
The Justice League of America in "Bring Your Kids to Work Day".
It's drawn by Raina Telgemeier, so you know it will at least be well drawn. But some people have said there are a few good jokes in there too. But since my Mom always said I have no sense of humor, I have a hard time believing it!

Other artists in the book include: Harvey Pekar, Evan Dorkin, Tony Millionaire, Danny Hellman, Roger Langridge, Kyle Baker, Hunt Emerson, Farel Dalrymple, Dylan Horrocks, Eddie Campbell, Dave Cooper, Dean Haspiel, James Kochalka, Tom Hart, Leela Corman, Gilbert Hernandez, Peter Bagge, Derek Kirk Kim, Kurt Wolfgang, Brian Ralph, Scott Morse, Ben Dunn, Andi Watson, Bob Fingerman, Paul Grist, Carol Lay, Craig Thompson, Ivan Brunetti; and Jaime Hernandez.

There's even stories written by Patton Oswald (King of Queens), Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing, TMBG), and Daily Show writer Aaron Bergeron. And Chris Duffy (Nick Mag, Power Glove) wrote the opening story!

Anyways it is all fancy and it's in comic shops now. But its cheaper on Amazon and other online retailers. Buy it so they can do another one and I can do my other story idea about Robin.

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February 2, 2005
Congrats to Bryan Lee O'Malley for his awesome Movie NEWS!

i wonder if they will set it in Canada like the comic...or in England?

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January 31, 2005
The Pulse has a cool article up about my buddy, Scott Robert's 10th Anniversary of his comic book, PattyCake.

Read the article

Scott deserves much Kudos.

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Remember when I used to always do post-it note drawings about silly stuff?
It's been a while but here is a recent one that I drew. I'll try to post them more frequently.

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January 30, 2005
Here's a panel from the latest Astronaut Elementary strip.

For the whole thing head over to GirlAMatic and check it out.

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