March 5, 2005
I contributed to this Sequential Tart Roundtable discussion.

The question is basically "what would you recommend as a good starting place for new comic readers to jump in?" using the current wave of comic book movies as the starting point. I don't know if I had anything original to say but I'm glad I didn't write EVERYTHING I wanted to say. Because AS IS my comments are longer than a lot of the way more respectable creators. I gotta learn to be short and sweet :)

8:56 PM


February 27, 2005

I just finished my 2-page comic for Comics Festival, the Free Comic Book Day offering from the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. The story I did is a Quicken Forbidden tie-in called "Jax Epoch and the Quick Milkshake".
The FCBD book will be availabe to most comic shops to order. So start bugging them now! It looks to be a cool anthology. And it will be totally free.

10:34 AM