July 18, 2006

Wednesday July 19th-Sunday July 23 I'll be at the big San Diego Comic con
Since I love chaos, this is my all time favorite week of the year.
It's like Halloween...except indoors...and the people in costume come to
your decorated table and give you money in exchange for your cartoon
related treats!

I'll mostly be at the Cryptic Press/Take Out Comics table, which is R2
in small press alley (Aisle 1900). That's where you'll also find my
insanely talented friends John Green, Marion Vitus, and Raina

We'll have a diverse sampling of comics, t-shirts, buttons, stickers,
bookmarks and even videogames!

7:02 AM


July 17, 2006

If anyone asks, this is the "must see panel" at comic con. :)

Nickelodeon Comic Carousel: Interactive cartoon slideshows
At the San Diego Comic Con
Friday 3:30-4:30 in Room 1B
Featuring plenty of gags, goofiness, and audience participation. Definitely for kids and alt-comics-loving adults

Chris Duffy and Dave Roman give a quick overview on Nick Mag's history of publishing the best in alternative comics for kids.

R. Sikoryak. (RAW) reads his comic strip bending, "Real FUNNY Estate" then asks the audience if they can identify the comic strips and characters involved.

Sam Henderson (Magic Whistle) creates a soundtrack for pantomime classic "Scene But Not Heard" then asks volunteers from the audience to improve their own.

James Kochalka (Monkey Vs. Robot)
Reads a collection of his popular Impy and Wormer comic strips and his SpongeBob comics as well!

Johnny Ryan (Angry Youth Comix) and Steve Weissman (Yikes!) face off against Deep Orange, Nickelodeon's advanced cartooning computer! Audience reaction will determine whether technology can outwit humanity when it comes to creating gag cartoons.

1:07 AM